Call for Pilot Students

We need students for our D4L participants’ Capstone projects!

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Please contact us to be a pilot student for one of their instructional units.

Each of our participants has been working throughout the program toward implementing their own unit of online instruction, for their Capstone project. Before they share this instruction with their own library community, they need to test it out. This is a great learning opportunity – our students are creating library instruction on a wide variety of topics. Plus, you get the chance to offer them valuable feedback to improve their instruction.

Please take a look at the comments below for specific topics/days/times for which our students need their own pilot students, then please contact to sign up!

About Arden Kirkland

Arden Kirkland is an independent digital librarian, providing consulting services for digital collections and online learning. Her years of work in higher education have included a focus on students’ active participation in the construction of multimedia digital collections. Other recent projects include,, and work on the Capability Maturity Model for Research Data Management. Find out more about her work at
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  1. Lesson: Adding items to Zotero – free citation management software
    Date of Pilot: August 9, 2016
    Time: 10 am EST
    Place: details will be sent July 27th.
    Contact: Cathy Michael to register

  2. Hi everybody!

    I am looking for pilot-test participants for my capstone project. My capstone is a training course for SUNY Delhi faculty to teach them to design effective research assignments that are appropriately aligned with the resources in our library. Due to time constraints, I am only pilot testing one of the four units in my instructional design plan, so the time commitment for pilot participants should be pretty minimal.

    The pilot will be delivered in Moodle and will consist of:
    A two-part video presentation (8 min total)
    A short reading assignment
    A structured forum discussion. I am trying out a “snowball” format for this discussion, so while your posts would not have to be extensive, you would have to check the message boards several times at different scheduled stages within the pilot timeframe.
    A brief evaluation survey

    My goal is to run this pilot in the D4L Moodle from 10/31-11/11. Again, the total time commitment should be minimal, but I want to allow two weeks to give participants plenty of time to view the materials when they can and participate in the discussion. The snowball discussion format also requires me to have a group of people going through at roughly the same time.

    If you are willing to be one of my guinea-pigs, please respond here or send me an e-mail ( and I’ll add you to the Moodle page for my capstone. Thanks in advance for your help and feedback!

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